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G-Wiz UK electric car distributor is sold

The G-Wiz (pictured), the iconic electric car, has been subject to plenty of derision over the years. Yet despite being mocked on TV shows like Top Gear it is still among the best-selling electric cars: and now it may have a new lease of life.

That’s because California-based Green Automotive Company has signed an agreement to buy Going Green Limited: the UK-based electric vehicle distributer responsible for selling the G-Wiz and currently Europe’s single largest retailer of electric vehicles. It has annual revenues in excess of $1million.

GoinGreen G-Wiz Blue

Working under the brand name of GoinGreen, the company was established back in 2002 aiming to encourage carbon neutral motoring. It pioneered electric cars in the UK with the G-Wiz: a car that was manufactured in India by the Indo-Reva Electric Car Company.

Now it has been bought by the Green Automotive Company, a niche vehicle design, manufacturing and sales company that focuses on vehicle technology development.

You may have heard the name before too: Green Automotive has already bought the Liberty Cars business in the UK (see article). According to Ian Hobday, a board director for Green Automotive Company, GoinGreen will add to its portfolio and fits perfectly with its ambitions to develop its electric vehicle presence across North America and Europe.

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