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Mitsubishi to debut two new electric concepts

Mitsubishi is to reveal two new electrified concepts at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

The Japanese brand has issued a couple of teaser shots of the new models, one a hybrid and the other a full battery electric car.

First is the GR-HEV concept, designed to showcase that Mitsubishi’s array of electric technologies will work with a range of vehicles, including large utility vehicles.

Mitsubishi GR-HEV concept

The new GR-HEV is a four-wheel drive pick-up model, intended to take the next step from the Outlander PHEV, being bigger, sportier and tougher than this plug-in hybrid model.

Designed to work for both mature and emerging markets, this concept combines a diesel engine and hybrid technology to produce a simpler and more affordable approach to maximised fuel efficiency, than either EV or PHEV technology. This sort of diesel hybrid approach is expected to appeal to current pick-up truck users.

Despite using a combustion engine, it is projected that the model will have emissions below 149 g/km CO2.

Mitsubishi CA-i-MiEV concept

The second concept, is based on the i-MiEV electric city car, which Mitsubishi launched back in 2010. Looking like a much bigger vehicle than the model upon which it is based, the new CA-MiEV looks more like a B-Segment supermini.

Mitsubishi says the model builds on the three years of customer feedback from the i-MiEV and is supported by continued progress in battery technology and electric drivetrains. These improvements mean a range of around 186 miles per charge, leading the Japanese carmaker to proclaim that full EV technology is ready to move beyond mostly urban operation.

Proclaiming that this concept is ready for both suburban and country life too, the car uses lightweight design, advanced aerodynamics and high density batteries to improve on the 93 mile range of the i-MiEV production electric car.

It will also features magnetic resonance wireless charging technology and smartphone activated functions. Oh err, missus, we can’t wait to see that.

The Geneva Motor Show runs from 7-17 March, with press previews on the 5-6 March, when we hope to bring you more details and proper pics. 

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Faye Sunderland

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