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Electric safari across Dartmoor for the Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF electric car is taking on a new challenge as the chosen mode of transport for a Devon guesthouse.

Offering a unique ‘electric safari’ experience to its customers, Upcott House in Okehampton will use a pair of Nissan LEAF electric superminis to give guided tours through the beautiful Dartmoor National Park.

Electric safari over the wilds of Dartmoor in a Nissan LEAF

The award-winning guesthouse says the Nissan LEAF is perfect way for visitors to take in the stunning scenery without shattering the natural tranquillity of the place.

It also makes it easy to get an up-close view of the world-famous Dartmoor ponies without causing them any alarm or distress.

Upcott House Proprietor, Kay Bickley, said: “So many of our guests come to us to enjoy the stunning Dartmoor scenery and so using the LEAF to give them a sarafi-style experience seemed like the perfect idea.

“We already had two LEAFs and so we knew first hand how the model’s near silent running made driving through the park even more pleasurable.

“Now our guests are able to enjoy the same wonderful experience.”

Bickley, who has also installed a public electric vehicle charging point at eco-friendly Upcott House, added: “So far our electric safaris have proved a big hit with our guests.

“They love being able to enjoy the scenery without the engine noise and also really appreciate knowing they’re not harming the environment they’ve come to admire.”

Upcott House’s electric superminis were supplied by JFE Nissan Exeter on the Marsh Barton Trading Estate.

JFE Sales Manager, Matthew Holcombe said: “I’ve never heard of a LEAF being used for anything like this before but it makes perfect sense.

“The LEAF’s a really comfortable car in which to do a bit of sightseeing and the fact it’s so quiet and cheap to run make it the ideal vehicle for the electric safari.”

For more details about Upcott House or its electric safaris of Dartmoor, please visit .

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