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Toyota updates its hybrid racing car

Toyota Racing is gearing up for the new FIA World Endurance Championship season and the Le Mans 24 Hours Race, by introducing an updated TS030 Hybrid Car (pictured).

The TS030 made its debut last year and managed to earn three victories from its six races: and now the 2013 model is set to undergo testing in the south of France.

Toyota TS030 Hybrid 2013

At its heart will be the Toyota Hybrid System that has been developed exclusively for the company’s motor sport division. Its supercapacitor hybrid system achieves an impressive 300hp of boost on top of the 530hp that is generated by its 3.4litre V8 engine.

From 2014, the sport will introduce a host of regulation changes: but for this year, Toyota has focused on finely tuning the powertrain in an effort to boost both power and efficiency.

According to Pascal Vasselon, the technical director of Toyota Racing, this year’s car needs to be an evolution of the original concept: including fixing all the small issues found during racing last year. For example, the 2012 car, as a laboratory car, was able to accept both front and rear hybrid systems: so now the monocoque has been redesigned to optimise it without a front motor.

Indeed a revised aerodynamic package, which includes the updated monocoque, is set to deliver vastly improved performance while minimising the effects of updated regulations which mean the minimum weight for LMP1 cars has been lifted by 15kg.

Overall, Hisatake Murata, the project leader, believes the car will be very competitive and reliable.

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