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Future Drive Motor Show attracts new sponsor

London’s newest motor show has announced a new sponsor; the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday.

Set to arrive at the ExCel in May, the Future Drive Motor Show actually marks the third return of the annual Ecovelocity, albeit with a new name.

Daily Mail Future Drive Motor ShowWith a new focus too, on new and cool technology, rather than purely an eco-focus, the new, reborn show will now benefit from a partnership with the newspapers, whose 15.6 million regular readers spend £28 billion more on motoring than readers of the next largest newsbrand.

Guy Zitter, Managing Director of Mail Newspapers commented: "We are delighted to be partnering with the Future Drive Motor Show in London this spring.

“Our partnership with this exciting motoring event will provide our readers with a unique opportunity to get close to the action at the ExCel Arena. Those readers who attend will enjoy testing a wide range of vehicles and previewing the new technologies sweeping across the motoring market."

Future Drive Motor Show

Giles Brown, MD of Future Drive Motor Show added: "The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday are renowned for their leading motoring content, and working with them as headline media partners will ensure that Future Drive becomes a household name for UK motorists. The show will have something for everyone and every reader will have the chance to have a really enjoyable and enlightening day out at Future Drive in May.

A wide range of carmakers are expected to put on a display for the new show, while visitors will be able to take advantage of test drive opportunities for some of the most cutting edge new cars.

The show will also include a host of features including an electric supercar paddock, a garage of the future, a motorbike and scooter test drive area as well as a teenage driving experience and kiddies driving area.

Tickets are priced from £12 in advance and children under 15 are free.

The show runs from the 5-12 May, 2013 at the ExCel, London. More info here:

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