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McLaren to reveal P1 plug-in hybrid super car

It is the year of McLaren’s 50th anniversary: and what better way to celebrate than with the launch of a red hot new vehicle, that just so happens to rely on plug-in hybrid technology?

The production ready McLaren P1 plug-in hybrid super car (pictured) is heading to the Geneva Motor Show ahead of deliveries beginning later this year and is set to feature an F1-derived drag reduction system and instant power assist system technologies that will boost straight line speeds and instantly supply extra power.

McLaren P1

Of course as with any McLaren vehicle you’d expect there to be a strong emphasis on performance: and certainly the P1 does not disappoint with its 3.8litre twin turbo V8 petrol engine and low-weight electric motor capable of delivering 903bhp and torque of 900Nm. In fact the new engine is an updated version of the M838T unit that was developed with Ricardo for the MP4- 12C super car: but features significant upgrades in terms of durability and its cooling system.

Overall, the petrol engine can produce 727bhp at 7,500rpm; and 720Nm of torque at 4,000rpm. Meanwhile, the electric motor, which has been developed by McLaren Electronics, produces 176bhp and maximum torque of 260Nm.

Yet despite these remarkable power statistics the McLaren P1 is set to be highly efficient: producing below 200g/km of CO2 emissions and being capable of driving up to 6.2miles in electric only mode.

In addition, the McLaren P1 can be driven in a host of different driving modes. This will include E-Mode, the most economical with zero exhaust emissions. When driven in E-Mode, the McLaren P1 can travel 10km on electric power only; and when the battery runs down the petrol engine will take over to maintain the drive while charging the battery.

More details of the McLaren P1 will be revealed closer to its debut.

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