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Subaru reveals VIZIV diesel plug-in hybrid at Geneva Motor Show

Subaru, part of Fuji Heavy Industries, has been a relatively quiet player in the green car sector – at least until now. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese carmaker put itself right in the mix as it unveiled the VIZIV hybrid crossover concept with some innovative technology.

Standing for Vision for Innovation, the Subaru VIZIV features a plug-in hybrid system that links a 2.0litre Subaru Boxer diesel engine with a single front motor and two independent rear motors. The rear wheels are 100 per cent driven by the motor which removes the need for a propeller shaft: and this creates a low floor with plenty of legroom for rear seat occupants even though the vehicle is compact in size.

Subaru Viziv Concept

According to Subaru, the independent rear-motor-driven symmetrical all-wheel drive system is the future for the brand as it offers fine-tuned control of all four wheels. There are two motors: controlling the rear right wheel and left drive power completely independently. This allows the system to provide more torque to the outside rear wheel and less to the inside: meaning that quick and smooth cornering can be achieved.

There is a management system that controls the drive power between the front and rear wheels. By turning the steering wheel you will increase drive power to the rear: and this will allow the vehicle to quickly react to driver operations.

In addition, the Subaru VIZIV comes with a Hybrid SI-Drive system with Eco Cruise mode. This provides coordinated control and works alongside both sports and intelligent driving modes.

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