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Toyota hybrid cars to power energy firm

Energy suppliers may be urging us to make efficiency efforts as gas and electricity prices rise: but what are they doing to cut their own energy use? E.ON is certainly driving the push towards greener energy: with an influx of hybrid cars.

The company has handpicked the Toyota Auris Hybrid (pictured) to represent its Venues and Events teams across the country: with 12 of the vehicles recently handed over to the company at the Toyota Burnaston factory in Derbyshire.

E.ON Toyota Auris Hybrid

According to Marco Mazzafiore, the system support manager for E.ON, it was important to set a good example to customers.

“We’re committed to helping our own customers reduce their energy use, saving them money on their bills and lowering carbon emissions, and we’re keen to do the same within our field sales fleet,” he said.

“We want to understand the benefits to our people and the environment of the Auris Hybrid compared to the rest of our fleet, and we’ll monitor this through telematics which we’re also trialing.”

It is easy to see why the Auris Hybrid was chosen. With emissions from as little as 87g/km and excellent fuel economy, it can help motorists enjoy significant savings both in terms of tax and fuel costs. It is also capable of being driven using electric power alone over short distances: helping it to become a more mainstream option according to Neil Broad, Toyota’s general manager for fleet services.

“E.ON’s decision demonstrates how customers are no longer considering hybrid to be a niche or specialist choice, but view it as a mainstream option,” he said.

“Toyota continues to lead the market in bringing the benefits of hybrid technology to the marketplace and we will extend this advantage in the summer when Auris Touring Sports is launched. It will be a unique fleet proposition, a compact, full hybrid estate car with no compromise on performance or luggage space and with class leading combined CO2 emissions from 85g/km.”

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