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Rolls-Royce goes electric with ferries

Rolls-Royce isn’t a name you’d expect to see too often on here: so it’s no surprise that when we do feature it, it’s for something rather unconventional.

The company is embracing electric technology – but not for cars: for ferries.

It has signed a contract to deliver its Azipull propulsion and control system to the Fjellstrand battery electric ferry (pictured). Fjellstrand Battery Electric Ferry

The propulsion system has been designed to offer excellent manoeuvring and efficiency to high speed vessels travelling from 20-25knots. There is a streamlined leg and skeg that recovers swirl energy from the slipstream helping to make overall propulsion more efficient.

As for the ferry, it is being built in Fjellstrand in Norway and will be operated by Norled between Lavik and Oppedal. It is actually the world’s first battery electric ferry after the Norwegian Ministry of Transport announced it was looking to develop a ferry 15-20 per cent more efficient than existing vessels. The Azipull system will aid it in meeting these standards.

Each ferry can carry 120 cars and 360 passengers and takes 20 minutes to cross from Lavik to Oppedal. It will charges its lithium-ion batteries overnight and while loading and unloading cars.

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Paul Lucas

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Rolls-Royce plc, the aerospace, power systems and defense company, separated from the car division in 1973!

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