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Volkswagen in confrontation with Greenpeace

It was at the start of the Geneva Motor Show this month that Volkswagen announced an ambitious target of reducing its new car fleet in Europe to average CO2 emissions of just 95g/km: and now it has underscored these ambitions during a meeting with its biggest critic, Greenpeace.

Professor Dr Martin Winterkorn, who is the chairman of the executive board at Volkswagen, met with Brigitte Behrens, who is the executive director of Greenpeace in Germany, in Hanover. Volkswagen Versus Greenpeace

During the meeting, the Volkswagen chief commented that the carmaker will “do everything in our power” to meet its CO2 goal without any reservation: but that this will only be possible if customers are willing to accept its advanced powertrains.

In response, Brigitte Behrens stated that Volkswagen’s goal was in favour of climate protection and that Greenpeace will remain in close dialogue with the company in terms of its mobility concepts for the future.

According to Volkswagen, it has been engaging in “constructive and in some cases also confrontational dialogue” with Greenpeace with regards to meeting the 95g/km goal by 2020. This is after Greenpeace started a Star Wars themed campaign against Volkswagen’s stance on CO2 targets for vehicles in 2011.

One area of confrontation has been how fleet emissions are calculated, with particular controversy surrounding the “super credits” that allow manufacturers to count electric and hybrid vehicles as low emission vehicles several times over.

Volkswagen now hopes to continue its dialogue with Greenpeace in an effort to outline further environmental targets.

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