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Electric car fast charger travels from Europe to America

One of the leading fast chargers for electric cars is heading across the Atlantic from Europe to the USA.

The Terra SmartConnect DC charger (pictured) from ABB is designed for fast charging in both office and commercial areas and was introduced in Europe last year. Now it will be in the Americas during the second quarter of this year.Terra SC Fast Charger

Able to charge an electric car completely in 30-120minutes, the Terra SC charger can also charge the battery of existing electric cars from 30 per cent to 80 per cent in less than 30minutes.

In addition, the Terra SC is set to be fully UL-listed and will be accompanied by an outdoor-rated steel housing and a full colour touch screen with smart connectivity. It will be easy to install thanks to an ultra-thin design and wall mount connections.

Furthermore, the Terra SC fast charger comes with a web-connected charger with full connectivity that includes services such as remote assistance and smart software upgradeability.

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Paul Lucas

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