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Toyota aims to tackle traffic congestion

Not content with having a firm grip on the hybrid car market, Toyota is now hoping to tackle traffic congestion.

The Japanese carmaker has teamed up with Beihang University and CenNavi Technologies to form a test project that will see a Toyota NETSTREAM traffic flow simulator used in car based applications in an effort to relieve congestion in Beijing, China.Toyota Logo

NETSTREAM technology aims to predict the effects of intelligent transportation systems in reducing traffic congestion, as well as pollution and other traffic measures.

In its initial application, NETSTREAM focused on calculating a vehicle’s movement using a fluid approximation of the traffic flow. Then a second model was created which used a traffic flow model that could calculate each vehicle’s movement. As such, Toyota was able to add acceleration as a condition that could improve the calculation of CO2 emissions.

Now as part of the test in Beijing, vehicles will be guided from congested expressways to those that are not congested using a terminal that combines a portable navigation device with on-board electronic toll collection. Users will receive information such as driving times for different routes; as well as information on toll discounts.

It is hoped that the simulator can be used in city planning and the data obtained during the tests should improve its long term accuracy.

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