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Honda reveals details of Accord Plug-in Hybrid engine

Earlier this year, Honda released the Accord Plug-in Hybrid (pictured) on limited sale: and now the company has revealed details about its engine as part of the SAE World Congress in Detroit.

The vehicle, which has sold 45 units to date, boasts an all-electric range of 13miles; with combined fuel economy of 115mpge.

Honda Accord PHEV 2014

So what are the secrets to these figures?

At the heart of the vehicle is a new 2.0litre petrol engine that offers a 10 per cent improvement in terms of fuel consumption when compared to the existing 2.0litre Honda engine. It boasts power of 105kW at 6,200rpm with maximum torque at 165Nm.

The Atkinson cycle engine includes electric control, cooled EGR and variable valve timing. With a VTEC system, the cylinder has three rocker arms and three cams; while the use of cooled EGR improves fuel consumption and slows combustion speed meaning Honda moved to maximise its effects. This meant designing a high tumble inlet port with Honda advancing the IVC and increasing the EGR to limit combustion.

Another key feature is the two-motor plug-in hybrid system. It makes use of an electric coupled CVT; alongside an intelligent power unit; and an integrated power control unit.

It is possible to operate the system within three modes. There is EV drive mode, with the electric motor connected to the driveshaft which is used to propel the vehicle thanks to the use of energy stored in the battery pack. There is a hybrid mode allowing the electric motor to be driven by electric energy generated using output from the engine; and engine drive mode, in which the vehicle is propelled directly from the engine’s output.

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