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Euro Parliament approves CO2 target for commercial vehicles

Light commercial vehicles have been set a new CO2 emissions target to be achieved by 2020.

The European Parliament's Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee has approved a draft law that outlines a new 147g/km target by 2020: which represents a 27.6 per cent reduction compared to today's 203g/km threshold.

In addition, the committee has outlined plans for post-2020 targets: they are expected to range from 105-120g/km from 2025 onwards. The top speed of vans will also be limited to 75mph.

Ford Transit Blue

Under the terms of the plans, and in an effort to help automakers achieve the 147g/km goal, innovation is to be encouraged with super credit weightings for each automaker's cleanest vehicles. The super credits offer a favourable weighting to vans emitting less than 50g/km. Each of these vans will count as 3.5 vans in 2014; and 1.8 vans from 2018-2023.

The emission limits refer to the average maximum allowed for all van makers that are registered within the European Union. The scheme is expected to apply to more than 1,000 vehicles each year. Manufacturers that fail to meet the balance of 147g/km will face penalties.

In addition, the committee spoke about recent studies which have suggested manufacturers have exploited consumption and emission testing to produce vehicles with figures that are far adrift from realistic driving conditions. As a result, MEPs say there will be a new World Light Duty Test Procedure to replace today's procedure as a matter of urgency.

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