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News in brief: Toyota to ramp up battery production

Toyota's commitment to hybrid cars has taken another step forward as news broke that it will rapidly increase its lithium-ion battery production.

According to reports in Japanese business daily The Nikkei, Toyota will increase the number of lithium-ion batteries it produces for vehicles such as the Toyota Prius (pictured) by more than 200,000 units every year.

Toyota Prius Blue

Currently, most of Toyota's hybrid cars still use nickel metal hydride batteries. However, Toyota hopes to expand the range of its hybrid cars by introducing lithium-ion batteries; as well as reducing the weight of its fleet.

The report states that PEVE, in which Toyota has an 80 per cent stake, could produce 36,000 batteries a year at its Teiho factory in Aichi Prefecture. However, this will be well short of Toyota's new lithium-ion battery production target.

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Paul Lucas

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