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Alstom trials electric car

One of the UK's biggest engineering firm in the UK has become the latest in a string of companies to trial an electric car.

Nissan LEAF Alstom

Alstom, which specialises in providing transport infrastructure, power generation and electrical grid solutions, is trialling a Nissan LEAF. The firm says its putting its 115 years of experience with electricity into exploring the electrification of the car.

It will be used by staff at the company's headquarters in Rugby for short journeys- such as picking up and dropping off colleagues who have come to Rugby Station on an Alstom-built Pendolino train.

Iain Rutherford, Unit Managing Director at Alstom in Rugby, said: "We wanted to provide a cheap to run and more efficient alternative to taxis and our traditional pool cars for short hops, and the LEAF's proving extremely popular.

"We've calculated that it costs us about 2p a mile to run and it also makes it just a little bit greener for us on short hops around town."

Alstom has the vehicle until October and will decide on whether to take the car on for a longer period of time later in the year. The company has already had use of a LEAF at its Stafford site and is also in the process of putting in three charging posts for electric vehicles at the Grid site in St Leonards Avenue.

Recently, the Nissan LEAF has found homes with other companies including Microsoft, Winterdale Cheesemakers and County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service.

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Faye Sunderland

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