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Toyota tackles traffic congestion with new service

Japanese carmaker Toyota certainly can't be accused of taking its environmental responsibilities lightly. Not content with being among the leaders in the green car race, it is now attempting to tackle traffic congestion.

To do this, it has developed the Big Data Traffic Information Service, which is scheduled to be launched in Japan this year. It will use vehicle locations, road conditions, speed and a host of other parameters to provide data to local governments and businesses in an effort to aid traffic flow.

Traffic Congestion in the USA

From June 3, Toyota will accept applications from businesses and local governments in Japan for the new system. The T-Probe traffic information offers traffic volume maps, traffic information, map information and route history; with users able to display information alongside their own content. This could potentially mean the services could be used for disaster relief and other emergency operations.

It is a cloud-based service that will display information via a smartphone, PC or tablet. Information about facilities owned by governments or businesses and locations of commercial vehicles can be shown on its map information while users can interact by submitting their own information and images.

In addition, Toyota is introducing a new smart G-Book service for smartphones that offers full support for a host of mobility options: ranging from walking to traffic information. It will include enlarged views of intersections, voice announcement of place names, 3D displays of landmarks and more. It also allows users to quickly report information such as accidents or traffic jams by touching an icon: and this information is then viewable by others using the Big Data Traffic Information Service.

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