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New Chevrolet Malibu to boast green technology

General Motors' brand Chevrolet has revealed the latest version of its popular Malibu model (pictured): with a host green technology.

The 2014 Malibu has been restyled to boast increased rear seat room: but that is just the beginning as it also includes a new 2.5litre base engine, variable valve lift control and start/stop technology as standard. As such it has been able to make a five per cent fuel economy improvement in city conditions and a three per cent fuel economy improvement in highway conditions: at 23mpg and 35mpg respectively.

In addition, Chevrolet will continue to offer the Malibu ECO boasting eAssist technology; while those more interested in performance can drive the 2.0litre turbo with a 14 per cent boost in torque compared to the previous generation.

Chevrolet Malibu 2014

One of the main reasons for the fuel economy improvement is the presence of the Ecotec 2.5litre iVLC DOHC four-cylinder engine with direct injection: which is now the Malibu's standard engine. It has a variable intake actuation that boosts efficiency while simultaneously enhancing the low rev torque, creating greater power at low speeds.

The start/stop technology meanwhile will shut down the engine momentarily, such as when stopped at lights, to save fuel. It then automatically restarts as the driver takes his or her foot away from the brake pedal. Compared to its counterpart in the Malibu ECO it also uses a smaller auxiliary battery.

In addition, the Malibu can claim a more refined driving experience thanks to chassis and suspension updates similar to those in the 2014 Impala, such as rebound strings that are internal to the struts. This creates a refined calibration with a smooth drive and also boosts roll control and the transfer of weight while accelerating and turning.

The new Chevrolet Malibu will go on sale this autumn.

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Paul Lucas

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