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News in brief: Nissan LEAF hits sales landmark

Last week we told you how radio DJ Mark Goodier had become the first person in the UK to take possession of the new British-built LEAF (see article): and now we can reveal that the LEAF has reached a new landmark in sales.

The electric car has now sold 10,000 units across Europe since it went on sale in March 2011, originally in just a handful of markets.

Nissan LEAF 2013 Grey

Nissan Europe director Jean-Pierre Diernaz has revealed that during March alone the vehicle sold more than 1,000 models; and in April it was actually the second best-selling car in the whole of Norway.

He commented that there appears to be a shift in attitude towards electric mobility and that more people are now willing to buy electric cars with infrastructure developing more quickly. Now he hopes the vehicle will go on to even greater success as the new model hits the market with more than 100 improvements.

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