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Vehicle to vehicle technology set for popularity explosion

Just a few years ago, vehicle-to-vehicle technology (V2V) seemed like the stuff of futuristic fantasy: but now not only is this technology very real, it is set to enjoy a huge surge in popularity.

According to a forecast from ABI Research, the use of V2V technology in new vehicles worldwide will increase from just over 10 per cent in 2018, to an incredible 70 per cent by 2027.

Vehicle To Vehicle System

Commenting on the findings, ABI's practice director Dominique Bonte commented that in Europe the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium has already issued a memorandum of understanding to major automakers to deploy a pan-European standard by 2015 in an effort to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability. The USA will decide whether to mandate the technology before the end of 2013.

In addition, there are a host of trials already taking place in key markets: including Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. It appears that overall awareness of the technology is rising quickly and that this could be a pivotal year for the future of the technology.

It is in the area of vehicle safety that vehicle to vehicle communications are likely to be deemed particularly important. When used in combination with cellular communication and radar-based ADAS it can be used to build proactive safety systems and work towards a zero accident environment.

However, ABI does point out that governments hoping to mandate V2V technology do face a complex challenge particularly during an era of uncertainty. There will need to be a great deal of cross-border compatibility and international co-operation.

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