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Honda outlines hybrid car plans for China

Japanese carmaker Honda has revealed its short-term plans for the automotive market in China: including plans to introduce 12 new models before the end of 2015.

Among the highlights is that Honda will "strive to begin" local production of hybrid models in China by 2016. This represents a pushback from its original suggestion that it would start local production of hybrid cars in 2014.

Honda Jade Green

Some of the highlights of its announcement include:

- Earth Dreams Technology: The new Honda Accord and Honda Jade (pictured) will both come with Earth Dreams Technology in the China market. These are new generation power technologies meant to enhance both driving performance and fuel economy.

- Safety technologies: Honda will advance its safety technologies for China including offering both active safety and pre-collision safety technologies in the new Honda Accord. These will include adaptive cruise control; active cornering lights; and a collision mitigation braking system.

- Connected technologies: The new Honda Crider, which will be launched this month, will come with a display audio system that works with a smart phone. Honda's telematics service, designed to boost safety and comfort, will be launched in China within three years.

- New models: New model development is already under way in China - with the Crider and Jade both primarily created for the Chinese market.

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