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CPT SpeedStart system meets the hybrid standard

With a new generation of micro-mild hybrid cars on their way, a UK company has taken the lead in producing a motor generator system that can live up to their standards.

Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) has developed the Speed Start belt-integrated starter generator (pictured) as the first liquid cooled switched reluctance motor generator designed for automotive stop-start. The company has tested the Speed Start system with 1.2million stop-starts: achieving the standard needed for use in the new hybrid vehicles.

CPT SpeedStart System

Traditionally, conventional starter motors only require around 30,000 stop-starts; while current generation stop-start systems target around 300,000 events. However, CPT was able to reach the 1.2million milestone with its system: and without encountering any issues.

Speaking about the trials, Peter Scanes, the hybrid product group manager for CPT, commented that a stop-start system needs to be specified in order to meet near-future requirements, such as an extension of vehicle life and the increasing demands of hybrid strategies. Fuel economy targets also rely on stop-inhibits rather than just placing the vehicle into neutral: by switching off the engine but preparing it for immediate restart, the frequency of stop-starts is increased even further.

As such, CPT felt it necessarily to convincingly demonstrate a near-zero probability of failure over the lifespan of a vehicle: and that is exactly what the CPT SpeedStart system has achieved.

Further to its start-stop capabilities, the SpeedStart technology can also provide excellent brake energy recuperation and is highly efficient as a motor generator.

According to Nick Pascoe, the company's chief executive, the recyclability of its machines is also near to 100 per cent.

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