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Peterborough traffic officers go electric

The electric car push in the UK is spreading beyond the capital city: with Peterborough the latest to embrace this alternative form of transport.

From today (Monday, June 24, 2013), traffic officers in the city will swap internal combustion engines for the Nissan LEAF (pictured).

Nissan LEAF Blue

As the vehicles currently being used by traffic officers were more than a decade old and close to the end of their lifespan, three new vehicles have been introduced thanks to funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund: a grant from the Department of Transport.

Speaking about their introduction, Councillor Nigel North, who is a cabinet member for Environment Capital and Neighbourhoods, called it a "win-win" situation. With Government funding used to pay for the vehicles and the council reaping the rewards of lower running costs there are numerous benefits. In addition, he points out that using the vehicles should help Peterborough in its push to be named Environment Capital.

The Nissan LEAF electric cars have come from Smith Nissan, based in Bretton Way. It is hoped the vehicles will help the council save on both maintenance and fuel costs as well as having the benefit of producing no emissions from the exhaust.

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