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Drayson Racing sets new electric land speed record

British electric racing team, Drayson Racing has successfully smashed the land speed record for an electric vehicle, with a top speed of 204.2mph recorded at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire yesterday evening.

Lord Drayson, with the Drayson racing car, celebrating the new record

Subjected to final confirmation by FIA, the new record beats the old record of 175mph by 29.2mph, set by Battery Box General Electric in Utah in 1974-nearly forty years ago.

Driven by Lord Drayson, the firm’s Drayson B12 69/EV Le Mans Prototype is also the first electric car to attempt the speed record using wireless charging.

Speaking at the RAF airfield, where the new record was set, Former cabinet minister turned racing entrepreneur, Lord Drayson, said: "I'm delighted we've beaten the record tonight and can show the world EVs can be fast and reliable. Drayson Racing is a laboratory for EV technology, testing it to the most extreme level, as we've seen today."

Drayson Racing's Drayson B12 69/EV Le Mans Prototype sets a new land speed record"It is not the outright speed of 203mph that is most impressive about this record, but the engineering challenge of accelerating a 1000kg electric vehicle on a short runway over a measured mile. However I've got a great team and world-class partners, such as QualcommHalo, Michelin, Multimatic and Cosworth."

"This is a true celebration of Britain's leading position within the burgeoning electric vehicle industry and I'm delighted to be at the forefront of this electric revolution. We hope to set more records tomorrow. "

Oxford-based Drayson Racing was established by Lord Drayson to become a  research and development business, focussed on the development of sustainable technologies for motorsport.

In setting a new electric land speed record , the firm hopes it will demonstrate what is possible with an electric drivetrain and reassert Britain's leading in the EV industry.

The team aims to set more records, including a challenge for the EV acceleration record, which it intends to take today (June 26, 2013) at Elvington.

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Faye Sunderland

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Patrick Wickham

At last someone is doing something about proving that electric is one of the new transport options and Paul Drayson has a new world record in his car. So anyone that says that electric is slow they are using an excuse!

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