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New VW Golf cuts fuel consumption

The third generation of Volkswagen's ultra-efficient Golf TDI BlueMotion has been revealed: and it is set to far surpass the previous generation's impressive fuel economy credentials.

Originally introduced as a concept last September at the Paris Motor Show, the new model is set to offer fuel consumption at 73.5mpg with CO2 emissions at a meagre 85g/km. That's a 15 per cent improvement compared to the previous generation.

The Golf BlueMotion first made its debut back in 2007 when Volkswagen set a new benchmark for sustainability and fuel consumption at 52.3mpg and 119g/km. The second generation, debuting in 2009, offered fuel economy of 61.9mpg and CO2 emissions at 99g/km. Now, the third generation model has gone even further.

Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion

So how has it achieved the improvements?

Aerodynamics has certainly been at the heart of the progress with the vehicle achieving a Cd value of 0.27. It includes a lowered chassis; a radiator grille closed to the outside; under-floor panels; and a roof spoiler. Curb weight meanwhile, has been reduced by 49kg.

A new TDI engine has also been introduced. It can produce 81kW from 3,200-4,000rpm and is equipped with a common rail injection that develops maximum torque of 250Nm at 1,500-3,000rpm. The engine also includes a NOx storage catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter to reduce harmful emissions even further.

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