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Avis offsets near 200,000 tonnes of CO2

One of the biggest car rental firms in the world, Avis Budget Group estimates that it has offset 198,578 tonnes of CO2 since it signed an agreement with global offsetting firm, CarbonNeutral back in 2007. Avis logo

The rental services firm, which operates from 10,000 locations in 175 countries, expects to offset 12,661 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2013 alone-equal to its estimated operational footprint for the year.

It’s 16 year relationship with CarbonNeutral means that it has offset the equivalent CO2 emissions of 18,047,590 return trips from London to Paris on the Eurostar or enough gas to fuel 198,579 hot air balloons.

Owners of both the Avis and Budget rental brands, Avis Budget Group, says it is unique in the sector in fully offsetting its operational footprint.

As well as offsetting carbon emissions, the company has invested in a series of energy saving and waste reduction measures, installing low electricity consumption technology and motion sensor lighting systems, as well as improved building insulation at many of its locations.

Avis Budget Group uses low emission vehicles

Kaye Ceille, Managing Director, Avis Budget UK comments: “At Avis Budget Group EMEA we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, which is why we’ve committed to being CarbonNeutral® for the last 16 years. We are always looking for new ways to help reduce the environmental impact of our operations and achieve the highest possible standards of environmental accountability.”

The firm also offers a number of low emission vehicles for customers to hire, including Mercedes BlueEfficiency and Volkswagen Bluemotion vehicles. All cars on the fleet undergo periodic comprehensive checks to ensure they are running at peak efficiency.

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Faye Sunderland

Filed under: Green credentials



Would be nice to see more of the major car hire firms getting on board with these initiatives. Fair play to Avis! Hopefully their endeavors will spark some creative thinking amongst their rivals

steven k

Well done AVIS although I hope you aren't paying outrageous prices for your offsets.

Please note; VER prices (voluntary carbon offsets)have plummeted much like CERs in the compliance market in the past 18 months.

Our company is now buying offsets from small scale projects such as Indian Wind, Vietnam hydro, Thailand biomass etc (all recent vintages) for under GBP3.00 p/t.

Many offset companies are still selling at historical prices for generic projects like the above making absurd profits all in the name of climate change - ie robbing you blind!

Don't be fooled; the market has changed so make sure it is reflective in your buying price!

Caveat Emptor


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