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UK launches Centre for Power Electronics

Thanks to £18million in funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the UK has launched a Centre for Power Electronics.

The Virtual Centre will be the largest in the world and will aim to be an international forum for power electronics. It will focus on fundamental power electronics and support a host of application areas over the medium- to long-term.

Among the areas that the centre will aim to address are:Power Electronics UK

- Increasing power density.
- Increasing robustness.
- Lowering electromagnetic interference.
- Higher levels of integration.
- Lower lifetime costs.
- Increasing power conversion efficiency.

The Centre for Power Electronics will see 10 universities benefit from research funding: Bristol; Cambridge; Greenwich; Imperial; Manchester; Newcastle; Nottingham; Sheffield; Strathclyde; and Warwick.

There will be five linked grants. One will be funding the main coordinating hub activity and will be led by the University of Nottingham and involve universities in Newcastle, Greenwich, Bristol, Manchester, Warwick, Nottingham and Imperial College London.

In addition there will be four technical programmes that will benefit:

  • Components: Fronted by Professor Philip Mellor at the University of Bristol it will involve the universities of Nottingham, Greenwich, Manchester, Warwick and Imperial College London.
  • Devices: Led by Professor Phil Mawby at the University of Warwick it will also involve Bristol, Cambridge and Newcastle.
  • Convertors: Fronted by Professor Andrew Forsyth at the University of Manchester it will additionally incorporate the universities of Nottingham, Bristol, Strathclyde and Imperial College London.
  • Drives: Led by Professor Barrie Mecrow at the University of Newcastle and involving the universities of Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Bristol.

The establishment of the centre follows on from the introduction of a Power Electronics UK forum two months ago.

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