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Tyre recycling initiative launched

Tyre Recycling

If you're conscious about the environment when you drive, then you're sure to be interested in a new scheme that aims to pump new air into your tyres after they've completed their lifespan.

Tyre retailers that meet a strict set of guidelines and conform to certain practices will be allowed to display a 'responsible retailer' badge from the Tyre Recovery Association (pictured).

The badge is a symbol for motorists that the retailer they use is reprocessing tyres in a legal and environmentally friendly manner.

According to Mike Wilson, the president of the Tyre Recovery Association, garages will be independently audited to ensure the waste tyres they generate are collected by authorised handlers and disposed of appropriately.

"Historically, drivers didn't really know what happened to their old tyres once they were removed from their vehicle," he said.

"However, from now on, if they go to a 'Responsible Retailer' they can have the confidence that their tyres are being disposed of legally: and perhaps more importantly, in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible."

Every year, drivers in the UK alone generate around 40million waste car and van tyres: and it has been illegal to dump them in landfills since 2006. Now, thanks to the small environmental charge paid to retailers by drivers when changing their tyres, the waste tyres often find new homes: such as being used as carpet underlay or for artificial sports pitches.

The new badge has received backing from the Independent Garage Association's Trust my Garage Scheme, the Environment Agency and Motor Codes.

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