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European Commission launches hydrogen fuel cell research

The fight to make hydrogen fuel cell vehicles a legitimate alternative to petrol-diesel cars is not yet over: with Europe continuing its push for the technology.

The European Commission has now announced the second phase of its Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative. Originally developed in 2008, the second stage of the project will see a budget from the EU and industry of €1.4billion aimed at developing fuel cell and hydrogen technologies for market introduction.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Among the objectives of the initiative are:

- To reduce the cost of fuel cell systems for transport.

- To increase the electrical efficiency of fuel cells by 10 per cent.

- To demonstrate the viability of large scale hydrogen production from renewable energy sources.

The budget for the programme will come from Horizon 2020 with around ?700million in private contributions.

The individual projects in the joint technology initiative will be selected through open and competitive calls for proposals. The best proposals will be selected on independent peer review and conclude in formal funding agreements.

The second stage of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Join Technology Initiative will kick-off in 2014 and run until 2024.

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Paul Lucas

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