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PSA Peugeot and Citroen and Bosch reveal new range solution

The wise minds at PSA Peugeot Citroen have combined their knowledge with the intellect of Bosch to create the first two prototypes for its Optimal Energy Consumption and Recovery Solution (OPENER) project.

The aim of the programme, which was originally launched in 2011, is to increase the range of both hybrid and electric vehicles through the optimisation of energy management.

PSA Opener prototype

In particular, its focus is on developing driving strategies and driver assistance systems that can boost safety, efficiency and driving range without relying on an increase in battery size. This includes optimal co-operation between the drivetrain and the regenerative braking system with support from satellite navigation, car-to-car systems, car-to-infrastructure, video and radio. It is hoped that it can develop an efficient energy manager that can use information from subsystems and generate optimal driving.

Now the companies have collaborated to produce the first prototypes of the OPENER project (pictured). They include an enhanced simulation tool chain with radar sensors and video cameras used to monitor surroundings and assist smooth driving.

In addition, the prototypes pack in a wealth of drivetrain technologies including:

- An electric powertrain that has been based on two e-machines delivering four-wheel drive. They allow motorists to choose between rear-wheel or front-wheel drive based on the conditions.

- A stop and start system that enables free-wheeling.

- An ESP electronic stability programme that recovers energy when braking and can recharge the battery.

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