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Chrysler looks at vehicle-to-grid technology

Chrysler has become the latest carmaker to cast its eyes over vehicle-to-grid technology - by forming a partnership with energy technology leader NextEnergy.

Together, they are looking at four all-electric minivans that will be connected to a charging module that is able to simulate any electrical grid in the world and examine a number of scenarios including reduced reliance on "spinning reserves" - in which huge generators are positioned to deal with spikes in energy demand.

Chrysler Town And Country Plug In Hybrid

It is suggested that by linking electric vehicles together and selling their surplus power to utility companies, this demand for surges could be offset. This, in turn, could dramatically reduce costs for utility companies and also generate revenue for drivers of electric cars.

In addition, it is believed that a so-called "mini grid" of electric vehicles could enable peak shaving - which would see the vehicle owners draw from their own power sources when electricity prices are at their highest.

The project will also look at how cloudy days can impact the function of solar panels and how electric vehicles could potentially provide a supplement of power.

Chrysler originally formed a partnership with NextEnergy in 2011 and has since gathered data from four Chrysler Town and Country vehicles (pictured) - each with all-electric powertrains and powered by a 24kWh battery that has been modified for bi-directional charging.

The final results of the project are set to be released later this year.

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