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Ford announces C-MAX Hybrid recall

There are troubled times for one of the fastest selling hybrid cars on the market.

Ford has announced it will recall 2013 model year C-MAX Hybrid vehicles (pictured) that do not have panoramic roofs and were manufactured from January 19, 2012-June 25, 2013.

Ford C-MAX Hybrid Silver

The recall has been prompted by concerns the vehicles do not have sufficient interior head impact protection in the roof/B-pillar area. This is despite the fact that during testing the vehicle exceeded head injury criteria requirements.

However, Ford is concerned that in the event of an accident, occupants could be at an increased risk of injury and so it will now notify owners: with dealers then installing a plastic energy absorber between the headliner and roof on both the left and right of the vehicles. Dealers will also be notified not to demonstrate or deliver any more of the vehicles affected until the modifications are performed.

The Ford C-MAX Hybrid recall will kick off on August 19 and is expected to affect 33,021 vehicles.

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Paul Lucas

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