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Ford reveals how long plug-in hybrids stay electric

Plug-in hybrid cars appear to offer the best of both worlds with the chance to travel emission free in electric mode, but still have a petrol/diesel engine to fall back on in the event that you need to travel a longer distance.

However, in today's market, with charging infrastructure relatively scarce, how much time are plug-in hybrids actually spending in electric mode?

Ford is reporting that its plug-in hybrid owners are operating in electric mode 60 per cent of the time after gathering data from its MyFord Mobile app.

Ford Focus Electric

The app is available in vehicles such as the Ford Focus Electric (pictured), Ford C-MAX Energi and Ford Fusion Energi. It lets drivers link their cars to maximise the utility and minimise operating costs. It means that drivers can log in at any time to check their charge status, among other features.

According to Ford, it does not collect information about individuals: but does use the data for group results in an effort to offer the best possible ownership experience.

Ford's data also suggests that there is an improvement in the amount of time drivers spend in electric mode, the longer they have the vehicle. In addition, the results show that drivers are travelling more miles daily - over Ford's fleet of electric cars between 100,000 and 160,000miles are being driven every day; and there are more daily trips being taken - roughly 5,000-7,000 trips per day.

Around 84 per cent of one-way trips are 20miles or less, highlighting the advantages of driving in electric mode.

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Paul Lucas

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