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New York to offer incentives for green trucks

Truck owners in the state of New York are to be offered some serious incentives to put the environment first when they choose their next vehicle.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the New York Truck Incentive Program, which will offer $19million in incentives to encourage the purchase of compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks, electric trucks and hybrid trucks. It is believed that it could encourage up to 1,000 low emission trucks to be purchased or given retrofits.

Electric Trucks

The voucher program is actually made up of two funds: $9million meant for battery electric trucks across the 30 counties of the state; and $10million for alternative fuels for New York City, which will also include CNG and hybrid trucks.

It is set to focus on class three to class eight trucks: this includes everything from large pick-up trucks; to buses; tractor trailers; box trucks; garbage trucks; and construction vehicles.

The $9million electric truck incentive will see vouchers up to $60,000 made available for the purchase of electric trucks and buses. Meanwhile, a total fund of $6million is available with vouchers up to $40,000 for the purchasing or lease of CNG, hybrid or battery electric trucks in New York City; with a $4million fund to cover up to 80 per cent of the cost of emission reduction equipment: such as diesel particulate filters.

The program is being administered by NYSERDA, with funding provided by the federal congestion mitigation and air quality program. The announcement is to support the Governor's Charge New York program, which is meant to stimulate demand for electric vehicles and their infrastructure across the state.

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