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Honda reveals Civic Tourer with diesel engine

Built in the UK, the new Honda Civic Tourer (pictured) looks set to turn heads when it makes its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month: and to whet our appetite, the Japanese carmaker has issued a host of details about what to expect from the model.

Perhaps the most notable announcement is that the Honda Civic Tourer will be available with a choice of two engines - a 1.6litre i-DTEC diesel engine from the Earth Dreams technology series; or a 1.8litre i-VTEC petrol engine.

Honda Civic Tourer 2014

The 1.6litre diesel engine includes an aluminium cylinder head linked to an open deck aluminium block and will be the lightest diesel engine in its class. One of the key reasons for the weight reduction is that the cylinder walls have been reduced to 8mm - that compares to 9mm for the 2.2litre i-DTEC model. Indeed all of the components have been redesigned to minimise size and weight, while also advancing production techniques.

In addition, the engine includes a lean NOx catalyst that helps to reduce emissions and the engine assists the vehicle to a combined fuel economy of 65.3mpg. Stability meanwhile is enhanced thanks to the presence of an adaptive damper system. It is the first time a rear adaptive system has been placed in a production car and includes three settings: comfort, normal and dynamic.

Set to launch in early 2014, the new Honda Civic Tourer will be built in Swindon.

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