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Another day, another electric car recall

It's been a difficult start to life for electric vehicles in a production sense: with many of the earliest models to make it to dealerships suffering teething problems that have led to recalls.

Earlier this week we told you about Ford recalling the Focus Electric (see article) due to an issue with its headlights: and now Chrysler is recalling around 270 2013 Fiat 500e electric cars (pictured).

Fiat 500e Sunburst

The 500e went on sale in California during July and has now suffered an issue with the bolts that secure its half shafts: which are used to transfer torque from the gearbox to the wheels.

An investigation was launched when Chrysler learned about customers suffering from power loss. Engineers then discovered that two steps in the assembly process had not been completed successfully which creates a condition that could separate the half shaft.

The error is not believed to have led to any accidents or injuries, but Chrysler is keen to take precautionary action by repairing the vehicles free of charge and offering free rental vehicles to cover the time that they are out of action.

Fiat 500e models at dealerships will also be affected, with Chrysler to advise the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about when the recall will take place.

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Paul Lucas

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bruce dp

The title of this news piece is misleading and quite odd coming from a supposed pro-green media outlet. |

Plugins are a very small percentage of the vehicles that could have a recall, but the title leads the public to think Plugins are just awful, always having problems. |

To put things in proper perspective, take a look at all the fuel-car (ice) recealls that can be found on

(the Fed. Government tracks recalls = your tax dollars at work). |

I am surprised the piece did not drag up all the other issues in the past, a sort of re-roasting the plugin on a spit, as it were. |

Tesla recent recall was to ensure the safety of the driver. And so a recall should be: to make good what was found not up to their standards. |

A couple of recalls is just not as big a deal as the title would program the public to believe. |

Yet that same public does not remember the slip-shot work that U.S. automakers pumped out in decades past. There were so many problems with vehicles poorly made with bad quality control, that a 'Lemon Law' had to be passed to allow the consumer some action when they got burned. |

No, plugins are too small in number to have that much attention brought to a recall that in reality means the manufacturer is stepping up, and being a responsible company. |

You may not like the way the Fiat CEO hems and haws about how much making an electric Fiat 500e costs the company, but you have to give the company credit for a proper recall once the issue was found. |

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