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Honda to release new Accord Hybrid

It is arguably its most successful hybrid car to date: and now Honda is ready to release a brand new version of the Accord Hybrid (pictured).

The Japanese carmaker has officially announced that its two-motor 2014 model year Accord Hybrid will go on sale in the USA from October onwards (European release to be announced).

The vehicle is notable for the inclusion of a two-motor hybrid system alongside a six-speed automatic transmission: a feature that made its debut in the Accord Plug-in Hybrid that went on sale in both New York and California in January. It is expected the vehicle will achieve 47mpg combined.

Honda Accord Hybrid 2014

In addition, the new Honda Accord Hybrid packs in several different driving modes for efficiency: EV drive, which uses its lithium-ion battery to run in electric mode only; engine drive that sends the engine power direct to the front wheels; and hybrid drive in which the 2.0litre engine and 124kW electric motor work side by side.

It is expected the vehicle will be packed with technology too: namely a lanewatch blind spot display, forward collision warning and lane departure warning. It will also offer the same compatibility engineering body structure as the previous year's model but with the addition of Honda's new SmartVent front-side airbags.

The new Honda Accord Hybrid is part of a larger line-up of 2014 Accord models on their way: the saloon version of the vehicle will be available with eight model choices that includes six petrol engines, the Accord Hybrid and Accord Plug-in Hybrid; while the coupe will be available in four variants.

Prices will be revealed closer to the on-sale date.

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