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Vauxhall Monza CNG range-extended car for Frankfurt debut

Vauxhall is to reveal a new coupe concept that uses an evolution of the range-extended plug-in hybrid drivetrain featured in its Ampera model.

Vauxhall Monza Concept 2013

The new Monza will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Named after the original Monza concept revealed in 1977-which eventually went into production as the Royale- the new Monza features a bold, streamlined and athletic design and is expected to become the first car to feature an LED projection infotainment system. 

Mostly intriguing will be the new range-extended drivetrain, that see the an electric motor teamed with the new three-cylinder 1.0 SIDI turbo engine but runs on CNG, for even lower emissions than the petrol/electric set-up of the Ampera.

Optimum efficiency and connectivity

Featuring gullwing doors, the new model is 4.69 metres long and is designed for easy access and egress for all four occupants. In spite of its sporty profile and sweeping roof with a height of just 1.31 metres, there promises to be plenty of room all round for passengers and 500 litres of luggage room, thanks to a lowered cockpit that’s around 15 centimetres lower than in conventional models.

Monza concept with doors upThe new model promises to be smart too, with the entire dashboard used to project requested information. A total of 18 LED projectors create a continuous, adaptable multi-functional display with all commands voice-controlled.

For smartphones, there a three modes of connectivity-Me, Us and All, so that drivers can focus purely on their driving experience, shutting down applications that aren’t suitable during driving, while the Us mode allows selected friends or family to connected while the All connects with the whole internet community.

Vauxhall says that the concept is based on a modular design so as to give the highest possibility over choice of drivetrain. This means that the car could be changed to run on petrol or to use other another type of electrified drivetrain.

"The Monza Concept represents the Opel/Vauxhall car of tomorrow," said Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, Opel/Vauxhall CEO. "On one hand, it embodies everything that already characterises Opel/Vauxhall - precision engineering combined with innovative technologies wrapped in captivating design. In addition, it addresses the themes that will be the development-focus of the next generation of Opel/Vauxhall cars: maximum connectivity and optimum efficiency."

"Connectivity is demonstrated by a trailblazing LED projection technology for instrument and infotainment displays. Efficiency comes in many ways, with lightweight design, optimal use of interior space, and advanced powertrain technology. The Monza Concept is based on increasing electrification of the automobile in everyday driving, from range-extender to fuel cell. And as far as styling is concerned, we are expressing pure efficiency in a new, lean and athletic interpretation of our typical sculptural shapes. The Monza Concept is nothing less than our vision of the automotive future."

The car will appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show which runs from September 12-22, 2013.

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Faye Sunderland

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That is not Daddy's Chevy Volt/Opel Ampera! Who says GM does not know how to design great PHEVs?

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