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Nissan LEAF introduces new safety technologies

The popular Nissan LEAF electric car has already changed the perception of electric vehicles as legitimate alternatives to petrol and diesel cars: and now it is ready to prove they can be every bit as safe too with a host of new technologies.

Nissan is demonstrating two new safety technologies as part of its Nissan360 event that are also steps towards autonomous driving. So what are the new technologies?

Nissan LEAF production Sunderland

- Advanced sensors: Including laser scanners and around view monitor cameras that will monitor the vehicle's surroundings in 360 degrees. This will look for other vehicles, obstacles and potential risks.

- Vehicle intelligence: Enables the car to react to the data that the sensors collect.

The innovations have created a number of scenarios being demonstrated in the Nissan LEAF for the first time. They include: autonomous side distance control, which enables the car to recognise when the lane is closed and steer to avoid collisions; intersection entry and turning, an application for city driving; and a traffic monitor to assist overtaking.

It is hoped that the support systems will help Nissan to attain its goal of creating "collision free cars". They are able to detect and avoid potential risks from an early stage, therefore helping to protect both drivers and passengers before situations become critical.

According to Nissan, the idea is to put the driver and the car into a partnership with a shared goal of safer journeys.

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Paul Lucas

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