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Nissan reveals leading markets for LEAF

The Nissan LEAF has enjoyed some early sales success in the USA: but in which areas are sales highest, and what is driving this healthy start?

Nissan has now provided a list of its top 15 markets in the country with sales up 335 per cent since the launch of the enhanced Nissan LEAF (pictured) in March this year. During the first seven months of the year, Nissan has sold 11,703 LEAF models in the USA: that's up 230 per cent compared to the same period last year.

Unsurprisingly, it is the California that is leading the way: San Francisco is the car's number one market, followed closely by Los Angeles. San Diego and Sacramento also make the top 15 at numbers seven and eight respectively; while the West Coast is also represented by Seattle (four), Portland (five) and Honolulu (six).

Perhaps the leading reason why the LEAF is fairing so well in this region is that there are a host of state incentives on top of federal tax incentives. The areas also encourage electric car drivers in other ways, according to Erik Gottfried, the director of electric vehicle sales and marketing for Nissan, including general environmental mindedness, high occupancy vehicle and toll access and a general electric car culture.

Nissan LEAF London

The top 15 markets are:

- San Francisco: Already appears in the top 10 car markets overall, regardless of powertrain.

- Los Angeles: Features a lot of charging infrastructure and a dense footprint.

- Atlanta: Boasts state incentives and HOV and HOT access.

- Seattle: A leading location for the West Coast Electric Highway.

- Portland: Features a chief EV officer to promote the use of electric cars.

- Honolulu: Has 26 quick chargers and a dense charging grid.

- San Diego: State tax incentives, HOV/HOT access.

- Sacramento: State capital of California: similar to other cities in the state.

- Nashville: Home of plants that assemble the LEAF and its battery.

- St Louis: Boasts increased community awareness and dealer engagement.

- Chicago and Denver (tied): In Chicago, charging infrastructure growth has been robust and there are state tax incentives; while in Denver there is a $6,000 state tax credit.

- Washington, DC: Compact footprint and highly educated buyers as well as a quickly growing charging network.

- Fort Worth, Dallas: Home of EVgo, which offers car charging services, as well as having plans to introduce a $2,500 state rebate.

- New York City: Compact footprint in the communities surrounding Manhattan with areas that are conducive to charging proving the most popular.

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