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Toyota reveals details of next generation Prius

It remains the world's most popular hybrid car. indeed the most popular green car of any ilk. and now, the Prius (pictured) is about to introduce a new generation model.

Details about the new Prius have been revealed by managing officer Satoshi Ogiso at the 2013 Toyota Hybrid World Tour in Ypsilanti, Michigan: and there is a clear focus on improving fuel economy with a compact package that is lighter and cheaper than before.

Toyota Prius Red

Ogiso spoke broadly about the new technologies that the vehicle will feature and among the highlights were:

- Improved batteries with higher energy density: Toyota is said to have stepped up its research into both NiMH and lithium-ion batteries. It has also ramped up development of new battery technologies such as lithium air and solid state.

- Smaller electric motors: The motors will have four times the power density of the first model despite being smaller in size.

- New petrol engine: With thermal efficiency greater than 40 per cent; compared to the existing model at 38.5 per cent.

In addition, the vehicle will feature a vastly improved chassis with a lower centre of gravity and increased structural rigidity. There will be a host of improvements in terms of aerodynamics, agility, ride and handling.

A next generation plug-in hybrid version of the Prius is also being developed with more convenient charging operation after listening to consumer feedback: this will include a new wireless/inductive charging system.

Toyota has also emphasised the importance of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and reiterated its plans to bring a hydrogen car to market in 2015.

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