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Honda advances vehicle to vehicle technology

Japanese carmaker Honda has been conducting research into vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure technology for several years and is already engaged in a pilot model deployment programme in Michigan involving eight of its vehicles: and now it has demonstrated two of its latest safety technologies.

The new technologies are meant to reduce the risk of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians and vehicles and motorcycles. Let's take a look at each one.

Vehicle To Vehicle System

- Vehicle to pedestrian technology: Honda has demonstrated the ability of a car fitted with DSRC technology to detect a pedestrian that has a DSRC smartphone.

Co-operative communication between the pedestrian's smartphone and vehicles can provide audio and visual warnings for both pedestrians and drivers. There is a dynamic sensing capability in the DSRC wireless technology which will alert the pedestrian if they are in danger of being hit by a car. It is even effective when the pedestrian is not easy to detect by the driver: including when they step off a kerb from behind a parked car.

- Vehicle to motorcycle technology: Using the same DSRC communication system, the vehicle-to-motorcycle technology can indicate the potential for a collision between a motorcycle and a car. It can sense the presence of a motorcycle even when a driver's view is obstructed by other cars.

The new technologies will add to an extensive list of safety features already being used in Honda and Acura models, including: collision mitigation brake; blind spot information; lane departure warning; active cruise control; lane keep assist; and more.

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