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Tesla brings supercharger network to Europe

Tesla is not just providing the electric cars of the future, it's also offering the charging network that can power those vehicles.

The company has introduced the first elements of its European supercharger network into Norway. Its plan will see the fast charging stations first put in place in Aurland, Dombas, Lyngdal, Gol, Lillehammer and Cinderella on some of Norway's most commonly used and popular roads and highways.

Tesla Model S Red

The idea is that Tesla Model S (pictured) customers will be able to drive along routes such as the E39 from Kristiansand to Stavanger and the E6 from Trondheim to Oslo, while making the minimal number of spots and for free. Around 90 per cent of Norway's population will now live within 199miles of a supercharger station and 60 per cent of the country's land mass will also be within the same distance of the Tesla-branded charging points.

As for the superchargers themselves, they can power half a battery pack in a Tesla Model S in just 20minutes. They release power directly to the battery at 120kW DC thanks to special cables that bypass the onboard charging equipment.

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Paul Lucas

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