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BMW announces new battery research project

BMW has certainly been making its mark in the electric car sector over the last few months with announcements about the BMW i3 and BMW i8. However, it is now looking at the next stage of life for two of its longest running electric vehicles.

The MINI E (pictured top) and the BMW ActiveE (pictured bottom) may have lost the spotlight to the next generation of BMW electric cars, but the carmaker itself certainly hasn't stopped planning for either vehicle. Instead, it has announced plans to advance the high voltage electric vehicle batteries used in both with a new research project alongside Vattenfall that aims to give the batteries secondary use as stationary power storage.


The focus will be on second-life electric vehicle packs for caching power at both solar installations and fast charging stations, as well as at large installations meant for grid stabilisation.

This means that even when the batteries reach the end of their lifecycle for use in the electric cars, they can still be used for stationary applications: which is particularly important as the batteries will still have a storage capacity of around 80 per cent at this point.

BMW ActiveE White

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Paul Lucas

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