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New website for UK H2Mobility project

The UK’s new hydrogen mobility project has a new website where visitors can find out all about the country’s plans to explore how best to commercialise hydrogen fuel cell transport.

UK H2Mobility

UK H2Mobility’s project new website will act as a credible and accessible source of information and news about hydrogen and its potential as a clean fuel for transport.

The project brings together industry leaders and Government departments assess the benefits of hydrogen as a fuel for road transport and produce a roadmap detailing the steps to be taken for these to be realised. Its initial research has already identified the potential for 1.6 million hydrogen powered vehicles (FCEVs) to be on Britain's roads by 2030.

Partners in the project include Daimler, Nissan, Hyundai, Nissan, Air Liquide SA, Intelligent Energy Limited, ITM Power (this month’s Green Hero), Johnson Matthey PLC as well as the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Department for Transport among others.

UK H2Mobility plans to continue to explore a wide spectrum of issues including fuel production and distribution, the introduction of the first fuel cell cars and how to support them as an alternative to combustion cars as well as public perceptions of such vehicles. 

The new website provides an overview of all aspects of the project, setting out its aims and the key learnings from its initial phase of work.

It also gives explanations of hydrogen fuel and hydrogen refuelling stations, together information on FCEVs and the contribution they can make to future low carbon transport. Profiles of the individual businesses and Government departments working together as part of UK H2Mobility are provided along with an FAQ section that answers the most commonly asked questions about hydrogen fuel and the consortium's work.

Welcoming the new website, Chris O'Keefe, Chair of UK H2Mobility Communications Committee said: "We believe it's important that the work UK H2Mobility is doing is kept in the public eye. The more we can do to explain the advantages and possibilities that hydrogen fuel can deliver, the more we can build public interest and confidence in the technology.

"As manufacturers prepare to bring the first FCEVs to market in the next few years, we are keen to help the UK take a leadership role in securing the environmental, societal and business rewards which hydrogen fuel can deliver."

The new website can be found here:

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Faye Sunderland

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