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Tesla expands European Supercharger network (coming to the UK too!)

Tesla’s new Supercharger network is to expand over the coming months, heading into new European destinations including locations within Germany, the Netherlands and even the UK.

Tesla's Model S-Europe will have Superchargers ready for the first models to hit the road

Launching its network last month in Norway, the Silicon-valley firm now plans to open more charging stations across Europe to ensure that by the end of 2014, the entire populations of Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland,  Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg will live within 198 miles of a charger-enough to ensure Model S drivers can make long-distance journeys beyond the car’s already generous 300-odd mile range.

Tesla says it will also ensure that around 90 per cent of the population in England, Wales, France, Italy, and Sweden will also live within the same distance of a Tesla Supercharger station within the same timeframe.

Tesla Superchargers arrive in Europe

The electric carmaker’s 120 kW DC Superchargers are capable of recharging its new Model S in just 20 minutes- around 20x faster than most conventional charging stations would take to do the same job. A network of chargers is already being expanded across North America to support sales of the fully electric car over there too, where it launched last year. So far, there are six stations in Europe and 21 in the US.

The seven-seat electric saloon launched in mainland Europe this summer, and is expected to launch here in the UK,  in right-hand drive form, before the end of the year.

The car is capable of either 230 miles or 300 miles depending on the choice of a 60kWh or 85kWh battery pack with prices starting from €72,000 in Europe (UK prices yet to be confirmed).

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Faye Sunderland

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This kind of initiatives are needed to promote the acceptance of electric mobility

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