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Details of German hydrogen network revealed

The H2Mobility initiative has been a hot topic among green car supporters for several years: and now details have been revealed of the Germany-wide refuelling network for fuel cell electric vehicles.

Air Liquide, Linde, Shell, Total, OMV and Daimler have teamed up with a current plan being to expand the existing network of 15 hydrogen stations to 400 filling stations by 2023. This will include around 100 hydrogen stations over the next four years, assisting the introduction of the vehicles into the market.

H2Mobility Germany

According to Dr Thomas Weber, a member of the board of management for Daimler, H2Mobility will help introduce more hydrogen filling stations than there are conventional petrol stations along the German autobahns.

In addition, the plans also include a request for support from the German Federal Government and plans for the procurement and distribution of the necessary hydrogen for the stations.

Gradual expansion of the national filling station network is expected to begin from next year with the objective to offer a hydrogen filling station at, at least every 56 miles of motorway between the most highly populated areas; as well as offering additional coverage in rural areas.

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Paul Lucas

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