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General Motors and US Army expand fuel cell partnership

Hydrogen fuel cell technology may have lost a substantial amount of funding in the USA: but it is firmly on the agenda between the US Army and one of the country's leading automotive companies, General Motors.

GM and the US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Centre (TARDEC) have expanded their collaboration with TARDEC reportedly evaluating the possible use of GM fuel cell vehicles for a demonstration in Hawaii.

TARDEC Fuel Efficient Vehicle

The two will team up to test hydrogen fuel cell materials and designs and examine their durability and performance before assembling them into full scale systems. The hope is that their efforts will allow them to develop technology that meets both of their requirements and the project is expected to last around five years.

It's not the only fuel cell project that GM is working on, either. In July this year it announced that it would team up with Honda to develop a next generation fuel cell system and hydrogen storage technologies.

According to reports by the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index, GM is now ranked number one in terms of registering fuel cell patents from 2002-2012. It has racked up three million miles of real world driving with 119 hydrogen powered vehicles: that's more than any other leading carmaker. It is also building a Fuel Cell Development Laboratory in Pontiac, Michigan.

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Paul Lucas

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