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BMW i3 sales off to a slow start

The BMW i3 may have debuted with a big splash - including being the subject of our green hero article for November - but that hasn't stopped its sales from starting at more of a snail's pace.

According to data from Eagle Aid, the vehicle has struggled to make an impact: particularly in its home market of Germany where just 121 registrations were noted during November. That brings the total to 469 for the year-to-date.

BMW i3 electric car

What is important, however, is that sales began in the middle of the month and BMW is likely to ramp up production amid demand - the carmaker claims that 6,500 people in the UK alone have requested a test drive (see article).

Yet there is little doubt that initial figures will be disappointing given that many cars were registered well before its official dealer debut.

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Paul Lucas

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Isn't that down to availability? You can't register a car that hasn't been delivered yet. Surely a better measure would be the volume of cars ordered? In the UK, BMW are quoting October delivery for new i3 orders - that hardly sounds like a slow start to me.


Id heard that Sheffield BMW rep had orders for 15. They had a target of 20 for the whole year so looks like theyve nearly done that in just over a month

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