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Stop-start to take more than 50 per cent market share

While we all talk about electric and hydrogen cars and their potential impact, there is no doubt that one forward-thinking green technology is already making a huge difference to the way we drive today.

The technology in question is stop-start: and now, a report by Navigant Research suggests that by 2022 stop-start vehicles will account for 54.3 per cent of total vehicle sales: meaning the technology will feature in more than 55million vehicles.

Start Stop Technology

Growth is expected to focus on North America, Asia Pacific and Western Europe: the regions with the most aggressive focus on fuel economy and reducing emissions. It is believed that by 2022, 82.8 per cent of vehicles sold in Western Europe will include the technology; with 69.9 per cent in Asia Pacific; and 42.6 per cent in North America.

Lead acid batteries are currently central to energy storage for these vehicles - they accounted for 99.1 per cent of the $2.6billion total in 2013. By 2022 however, lithium-ion batteries will account for 12.6 per cent of the market as it grows to be worth $9.8billion.

According to Navigant, it's important that the introduction of stop-start is seamless and that there is no interruption to driving performance.

It is also believed that stop-start systems will help the roll-out of other electrification features: including engine downsizing and full hybrid and plug-in hybrid capabilities.

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